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  Singleton Radiator Services is your #1 choice to handle Radiators, Intercoolers & Oil Coolers for:
Mining Equipment
Earthmoving Equipment 
Industrial Equipment
Vintage Vehicles
Vintage Aircraft
(We've repaired WWII Spitfire & Hurricane radiators).

Marine heat exchanger repairs, servicing & new.

Repairs, cleanouts, recores & new assemblies. 
We also stock top quality Australian made organic coolants. Bio-degradable which is better for our environment and engineered to provide corrosion protection for much longer than standard coolants. This coolant is compatible for automotive right through to heavy industrial such as caterpillar mining equipment to long haul trucks. Ask us for detailed information and vehicle compatibility. We can supply in 1L, 5L, 20L, 205L & 1000L.

Oil contamination in your cooling system from a leaking oil cooler or engine gasket leak? No problem, we use and can supply Oil Stripper compound which breaks down the oil to make sytem flushing much easier. 

We can also help you with:
TIG Welding: Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Copper & Brass.
Fuel tank repairs and cleaning.
EGR coolers, water pumps & thermostats.
Viscous fan clutch silicone oil repacking or new units.
12V & 24V DC fans.

Custom building & fabrication of Radiators, Oil Coolers & Intercoolers for Road, Race & Industrial applications, including all aluminium high performance products. We convert all aluminium industrial radiators to heavy duty copper cores with brass tanks.
We also repair irrigation hydrant bends and can fit up new
hydrants in either stainless steel or gal steel. We also weld cracks in aluminium irrigation pipes as well.  

We have access to many different styles of cores to suit any application you need and the knowledge to design cooling systems to out perform OEM products. 

Our range of new radiator assemblies carry a warranty of up to Two years. Conditions apply.

We also give a discount on our services to:
Armed Forces Personnel (Army, RAAF, Navy, Veterans).
Emergency Services Personnel (Police, Ambulance, Fire).


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 Remember: All radiators and components may look the same as what we sell. But ask yourself why are the others so cheap?
Well the answer is that most parts on EBAY or through cheap and nasty dealers is made with half the material thickness, inadequate and smaller transmission oil coolers than OEM, poor quality thin tanks, metals used in construction of cores is of low grade, zero quality control, zero warranty and usually lasts six months! Our products may cost a little more but are made with high quality materials and are made to last and perform. Don't buy cheap and nasty stuff It's just not worth it and hence WE WILL NOT SELL IT!
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